Pack-Out & Pack-In

Some water damage need pack out and our technicians are trained and will treat your possessions like ours. Your contents and furnishing be inventoried, packed and transported to our warehouse for cleaning, deodorization, re-packing and storage until your restoration is complete and safe for your belongings.


  • Pack Out Process
    1. Sign an authorization form.
    2. Identify your immediate need items such as emergency clothing, etc. Some of these may need to be cleaned quickly for your use.
    3. Identify items to keep in your possession (Personal valuables, medications, jewelry, etc.).
    4. Assist with “restore versus replace” decisions, especially regarding family heirlooms and sentimental items.
    5. Be available on site for pack-out and for re-delivery of your possessions.


    We will  
      1. Coordinate activities with your insurance claims representative.
    2. Separate items that will not be packed and moved, including items that will not be restored.
    3. Pack, provide general inventory and transport your belongings to a secure facility. We will provide you a copy of the general inventory.
    4. Perform restoration, cleaning, deodorization, re-packing and storage at our facility.
    5. Provide regular, frequent communication regarding the progress of your restoration claim.
    6. Arrange for re-delivery of your household belongings once restoration and reconstruction is complete.



    Frequently Asked Questions
    1. What is meant by “general” inventory?
       - As we pack your contents, each box will have a general description label placed on it; not every item in the box will be listed.
    2. Will any cleaning be done to my belongings before packing and moving them?
       - Some items may need to be pre-treated before packing to remove moisture or corrosive smoke residues. Generally, most items will be processed at our warehouse/restoration center.
    3. What about items that cannot be restored?
       - These will be separated during the packing/inventory process and left on site. Please discuss these items with your insurance claim representative.
    4. Will I have access to my belongings while they are in storage?
       - Yes, with advance notice we can schedule a time for a Technician to meet with you and provide access to your requested items. A service charge may apply.